Balance Bikes

I’m not exactly sure what route is the best way to go for teaching kids how to ride a bike.  P is on a trike right now. She likes it but the pedaling is a little frustrating for her.  Then one day we’re in a store and P gets on a balance bike.  She started … Continue reading Balance Bikes

No Kidding.

The days with the P are enchanting and unbelievable with the things she says and does.  They can also be brutally frustrating but I’d say we’re in 70-30 brilliant to frustrating.  Her choice of clothes and accessories as you can see are hysterical. These glasses were all her.  I had nothing to do with the … Continue reading No Kidding.

Dinaaah Time!

Smiling Planet  finally came out with bowls!  I’ve been waiting for this for a while.  I love this company.  All their products are BPA, phthalate, toxic ink free yet dishwasher safe.  I love their aesthetic design and their industrial design.  The plates have rims so P can catch that kernel of corn on her spoon easily. … Continue reading Dinaaah Time!


The weather is getting hotter and I’m cleaning out P’s closet.  The packing away of sizes 18-24mos makes me sad.  I love how fast she’s growing but this little P in the picture above is gone.  Her essence remains but that little hand is now bigger. The picture was taken on P’s first birthday.  It brings … Continue reading Reflecting


We’ve entered the “Why Phase”!  P is asking why to many things I say.  She genuinely seems to want to know.  The questions stop when I give her an answer that makes sense to her.  So, the more detailed the answer the sooner the questioning stops.  For example:Me: You need to eat your chickenP: Why?Me: … Continue reading Why?


P’s napping schedule and the duration of her naps have changed in the last week.  Instead of going down at 2pm and napping for an hour, she is falling asleep often as early as noon and then sleeping for two hours.  This is throwing me off….in a good way.  I love the two hour nap … Continue reading Naps