Baby on Hold

D and I have put trying to have a baby on hold for a couple months.  There are projects I need to get done around the house which involve the use of chemicals or handling of materials that I can’t do if I’m pregnant.  We have a method for home improvement projects.  When D’s off, … Continue reading Baby on Hold

Our Farm

It’s been months since we went to Pierce to hike or visit the farm animals. The look on Clooney’s face was so sad when we left him behind but took the jogger.  He got a great run and walk the day before so he’s ok.  We spent almost three hours walking to the barn and … Continue reading Our Farm

The Food Trade

So, although I’m not a fan of candy or sweets I have come to terms with using them as a bargaining tool.  I’m struggling with the introduction to salads.   I started cutting up cucumber, carrot, tomato and red pepper chunks.  I’ve placed them on her plate on a regular basis for the past three … Continue reading The Food Trade

Candy is King

Easter….another holiday that seems to revolve around candy.  Ugh! Fortunately, a friend taught me a trick.  You offer your kid to trade all but one candy of their choice for a toy of their choice.  P traded all her stuff for an India Hello Kitty, which she had been wanting for a while, and I … Continue reading Candy is King

Learning Tees

On Saturday we were at the Playa Vista Farmers Market selling my organic line of tees called Learning Tees.  This is one of the hardest things for me to do. I hate selling.  I can only do it if its a product I believe in and love but it can’t be something I’ve created myself. … Continue reading Learning Tees

An Amazing Day

The morning started out with P, half asleep, saying “I want a cookie” over and over again.  We were all still in bed. She said she wanted a robot cookie, it was outside and she was going to get it.  I woke up fast!  What was she talking about?  When she jumped out of bed, … Continue reading An Amazing Day