About three weeks ago we started going to Create Studio in West Lake Village.  It’s been a great weekly adventure.  I love that P now has a place to make her art, ie a mess, in a good environment.  She gets to play with confetti and glitter for example.  These are supplies I don’t like … Continue reading Art

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,I want another child. I know I’ve been blessed with P.  If she is the only one we ever have I will feel very blessed.  However, I want another baby in our lives because I think P would benefit so much.  I can see her longing for a baby in her world.  She is … Continue reading Dear Universe

Tennis Continues

Look whose on the court and happy!  We’ve continued playing weekly.  If P would have given me a different reason for why she didn’t want to play I would have respected it. However, “it’s too hard” is not  a good reason in my book.  Once upon a time I felt P had strong perseverance. She … Continue reading Tennis Continues

Pink Trains

One of the things I most love about P is her dexterity of interests.  She’s getting into wearing pink and gold ballet flats and tutus.  She loves purses, babies and playing kitchen.  But she also loves cars, trains, airplanes and tractors.  I remember loving dump trucks when I was about 2. I loved them because … Continue reading Pink Trains

This and That

This post is for my amazing friend, T, who says she’s lonely at night with nothing to read.  Doubtful  though. She’s one of the most well-read individuals I know.  She inspires me to watch less TV and read more.  P continues to grow and develop.  Her favorite phrases these days are:“I’m a chipmunk, I like … Continue reading This and That

Where’s My Air?

I’m going to the doctor again tomorrow. The tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing has returned.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I feel overwhelmed, constantly.  This isn’t me.  I don’t get it.  I’ve been put through the ringer before with various careers.  I worked in the film industry, in the art department, … Continue reading Where’s My Air?


P took her first yoga class last Sunday.  The class was geared for her age, ie tolerant of kids not exactly following along but even then I found it tough to get through.  There were only two other families with us. P was the youngest by about two years.  She wanted to do everything but … Continue reading Yoga

Baby on Hold

D and I have put trying to have a baby on hold for a couple months.  There are projects I need to get done around the house which involve the use of chemicals or handling of materials that I can’t do if I’m pregnant.  We have a method for home improvement projects.  When D’s off, … Continue reading Baby on Hold

Our Farm

It’s been months since we went to Pierce to hike or visit the farm animals. The look on Clooney’s face was so sad when we left him behind but took the jogger.  He got a great run and walk the day before so he’s ok.  We spent almost three hours walking to the barn and … Continue reading Our Farm