Beach Buddies

It’s Spring Break.  That doesn’t mean much for our schedule, since P is not in school yet, but it does mean we get to hang with the neighborhood gang more. Today four families went to the beach.  P can keep up with the other kids now.  I like to watch her navigate her way through … Continue reading Beach Buddies

Littlest Pet Shops

I knew this day would come.  Every other girl in the neighborhood is into them so why wouldn’t P join in? Littlest Pet Shops.  They’re really cute, with cute accessories.  I just can’t really tell one apart from the other.  Some I don’t even know what they are…a dog, a bunny, a mole?  But as far … Continue reading Littlest Pet Shops

A New Trick

P goes down for a nap at about 2pm everyday.  She of course, isn’t too keen on the idea.  Like clockwork everyday, at about this same time, she’s very focused on a game with her toys.  It’s the kind of playing I wish she did more of when I need to get something done. She’s … Continue reading A New Trick

Potty Training, Phase 2

On Friday we started potty training again.  This time it’s going much smoother.  It feels completely different from when we tried last June and then failed by September.  What a difference nine months makes at this stage in life.  To begin with, P can talk much, much more.  It makes a huge difference.  She can tell … Continue reading Potty Training, Phase 2


I started taking P out on the court before she could walk.  I use to stick her in my wrap and we would both grab onto the racket while I hit.  She was so into it last year.  At 14 months she could drop the ball with one hand and hit the ball with the … Continue reading Tennis