Perfect Pancakes

I love making pancakes, waffles and german pancakes from scratch.  It just tastes better to me, plus I can fully control what’s going in our bellies.  This recipe for pancakes has come to be my favorite.  I usually add only half the sugar and have found that by beating the batter rather than stirring it … Continue reading Perfect Pancakes

Vancouver 2010

We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics quite a bit.  P watches about 5 minutes of whatever I have on and then walks away.  She does love the mascots: Sumi, Quatchi and Miga. Their videos she could watch over and over.I have to be honest.  I’m already starting to have visions of P, in her teens, … Continue reading Vancouver 2010

Monkey Juice

I’ve found a great solution to P’s teething.  P calls it Monkey Juice!…because I put it in her monkey cup.It’s a smoothie with frozen strawberries, mango, pineapple, peaches, a banana, juice, yogurt and protein powder.  The cold calms the ache in her mouth.  After serving her a cup of the smoothie, I make popsicles out … Continue reading Monkey Juice

Silly Me!

This is what I envisioned when I thought of having kids.  Silly me thought that I’d give birth to a baby and then a month later I’d have these kind of fun, silly days.  As P gets older, it’s getting easier for me to relate to her.  This behavior I can relate to, it makes … Continue reading Silly Me!

Spinach and Cucumber

P ate one spinach leaf and a slice of cucumber for the first time ever today!  I’m thrilled!  She did spit out the cauliflower.  That’s ok….a friend reminded me that it takes about 15 tries for a child to start liking a new food.The start of the day was awful.  Topic for another post.  Just … Continue reading Spinach and Cucumber

Candy Land

I continue to really dislike the amount of sugar kids eat in this country.  Because P is the youngest in a neighborhood full of kids I’ve found it hard to abstaine from sugar all together.  It was also tough not have cookies during the holidays because I feel baking is part of the season’s traditions. … Continue reading Candy Land