Funny Girl

It’s been a while since I posted.  More details on why later but for now I wanted to post some of P’s latest doings.Last night, it was 9:30, at least an hour past her bedtime.  I wanted to get her into pjs but she was taking the toys that were out and cleaning them one … Continue reading Funny Girl

Yoga…I’m back!

Because I’ve been feeling so stressed with my dad’s illness I decided it was time to get back into yoga.  Before P was born I went regularly, 3-4 times a week. While I was pregnant with her I went daily. It really does my body so much good and I’ve missed it terribly.I belonged to … Continue reading Yoga…I’m back!

No Desires

When I do my weekly shopping at Target, I reward P for her patience with playtime in the toy section at the end of our visit.  I’m not sure if it’s her age and maybe P doesn’t know any better, but I’m amazed she doesn’t ask to take things home.  Sometimes we take one small … Continue reading No Desires

My Father

Today we are going to Florida. My father is dying.  Cancer.  He is in his last days and I truly hope he passes quickly as he is in a lot of pain.  I am sad.  Last year I lost a child and this year I’m losing a parent. Neither is easy no matter how expected … Continue reading My Father


We got a dog today! His name is Clooney. He’s a 3 year old lab-shepherd mix.  We got him from Karma Rescue.  P is so excited and proud. This is HER dog. We knew he was coming to us since Christmas but because of the holidays we had to wait until now to get him. … Continue reading Clooney

Ice Skating

Last Sunday P went ice skating for the very first time!  It was amazing!  Our friends invited us to join them for some outdoor skating fun.  Hubby had to work that morning so I thought I could do this alone.  I’ve skated before but it’s been decades.  When we got to the rink P couldn’t … Continue reading Ice Skating


P has spoken complete, eloquent sentences.  It happens sporadically and it’s only happened a few times.  The other day we went to REI and when we parked she said “Pappa you parked too far away from the store. I don’t like it”. Just like that!  Eloquent, with feelings and complete.  Hubby and I looked at … Continue reading Sentences