I’ve had it!

Some women are like black widows, except instead of eating up men they eat up other women.  On an almost daily basis I encounter women being shitty to other women. It REALLY blows my mind when it’s a mother doing it to another mother. When someone is entering a bathroom with a stroller and another person … Continue reading I’ve had it!

I clean! I clean!

P does things that make me laugh. Lately her new obsession is cleaning.  She finds a wipe of some kind, ie: diaper wipe, Clorox wipe, Kando wipe, anti-bacterial wipe, anything and starts wiping things down.  A few days ago it was in the car.  She pulled a wipe out of the glove compartment and started … Continue reading I clean! I clean!

Number Line

I made this number line for P last week.  My grandfather made me a set of numbers when I was a child.  They were made out of wood.  I broke the number one a long time ago but my mom kept the rest all these years.  I like it when P plays with the numbers … Continue reading Number Line

California Girl

Drove like two crazy girls on Friday.  Went from Woodland Hills, to Pasadena to drop off a birthday present, to Marina del Rey to get home repair products and then back home.  On the way home, via PCH, we made a pit stop.  When I hit PCH P starts saying “beesh! beesh!”.  I pulled a … Continue reading California Girl

She’s Singing!

P started singing this week.  I found it curious that she known words to songs but wouldn’t sing.  She would only talk the words.  Well, this week she’s singing.  She started imitating me singing “la la la la la” and then started singing the “1,2,3,4” song by Feist on Sesame Street.  “One, two, three, four, … Continue reading She’s Singing!