Love of Wood

I love wood toys. When made by the right company they are non-toxic for kids and eco-friendly. Besides these factors I just love them. There is the “old school” factor and the creativity of design. I’ve been loyal to Plan Toys, Habba and Melissa and Doug but I just found a new brand to love: … Continue reading Love of Wood


Trecked over the hill to visit LACMA today. They have a free program called NextGen that lets a child and parent in for free until they’re 18. Today P is enjoying our visits. When she’s 18 I hope she will as well because I’ll be dragging her booty to go see all the exhibits for … Continue reading LACMA

Week in Review

It’s been a busy week. P is evolving in so many ways and I’m struggling to keep up. Most of her changes, even the tough ones, are natural for this age. It takes a lot more patience and understanding to find the middle ground of discipline than to either yell at them all the time … Continue reading Week in Review

1st Invite

Last year I grabbed a vintage French poster and reworded it to create this invite to P’s first birthday party. For personal reasons we didn’t have the party. I was bummed. I had been planning it since she was 6 months old. I was so overwhelmed with a baby. I could only do a little … Continue reading 1st Invite