Stroll the Bowl

I’ve been on a mission lately. I’m trying to expose P to music. Listening and playing music has shown to develop the brain in ways like nothing else. I do not come from a musical background. I don’t know how to play any instruments, not even a recorder. I love music but have no understanding … Continue reading Stroll the Bowl

Plan Toys

My husband and I love Plan Toy. We saw them before P was born and vowed to buy them for her even though they are on the more expensive side. They are everything we could want. They are environmentally safe, use sustainable products, and are safe for the kids…and by safe I don’t mean some … Continue reading Plan Toys


I love taking pictures of P. I especially love capturing little, “boring” things from our everyday routine. Those are the shots I think I’ll treasure most when she’s older. Part of my obsession comes from not having many pictures of myself as a child. Up until I was 16 I only saw one baby picture … Continue reading Pictures


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi I have hopes and dreams of the kind of woman I’d love P to be. I would love for her to be strong yet feminine. Confident yet humble. Polished yet able to mingle with anyone of any social status. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading Reflection