RISE Festival

The girls and I went to the RISE Festival in the Mojave Desert this weekend.  It was a surreal, emotional and uplifting experience.  The festival’s origins are from Thailand’s Lantern Festival called Loi Krathong. The intent is to set all your problems and worries free. It’s a symbol of new beginnings.  It’s exactly what the … Continue reading RISE Festival

Something’s fishy

We started Halloween costumes over Labor Day weekend.  We kinda dig Halloween big time around here.  As a kid I had no interest in it but I did dream that one day I’d make my children’s costumes.  Now here I am with two young girls and Halloween is a magnificent time of creating, sewing and … Continue reading Something’s fishy

Get Pumped Up!

My youngest plays DJ on the morning ride to school. She’s six.  This is her playlist: Shakira: Try Everything The Greatest Showman: This is Me Pink: Just Like Fire Sing!: Johnny’s I’m Still Standing I asked her this week why she picked these songs and her response was “Because I’m going to go to school … Continue reading Get Pumped Up!

Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Do you cook much?  I cook quite a bit.  I don’t say it to sound so Martha Stewart, I say it because the more I cook the more I notice that great food is really simple. Great news for us moms! Take mac and cheese for example.  It’s pasta, cheese, butter, milk, and flour.  What’s … Continue reading Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.